Kotlin – First Impressions

With the announcement at Google I/O this year that Kotlin will be an officially supported language for Android it seemed like a good idea to dive in and write a small sample app to get a feel for the language.

I’ve re-written the MVP app which I’ve used in other blog posts entirely in Kotlin – the full source is here on github.  This post is a quick summary of some of the language features which I find noteworthy

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Android Studio – Alt+Enter is Your Friend

Android Studio (AS) is packed full of super handy keyboard shortcuts which can make your life much easier as a developer. This post focuses on just one of these — possible the most useful of them all — Alt+Enter.

Alt+Enter is a context aware shortcut which brings up what JetBrains calls the ‘intentions’ menu. Depending on where your cursor is when you use the shortcut you get custom list of actions to help make your existence less painful.

The following are examples of the intentions which I find most useful day to day. I hope you like them too.

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MVP In Practice – Swapping the Network Layer

One of the many benefits of using a clean architecture in Android is that it allows us to replace individual components of our app without having to touch the rest of the code (and everything breaking).

In this post I want to show how easy it is to change one networking library for another (Volley <-> Retrofit) when the networking logic is entirely contained within the network layer!

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